About Us

👑 BNBDuck: The King of Ducks 🦆

🌟 Born Out of Resilience: On November 23, 2023, BNBDuck took flight, created by our visionary founder, @RobertsDev. It emerged as a beacon of hope during the most challenging bear market in recent memory. Just like the majestic ducks, we rose above adversity, stronger than ever.
🦆 Mighty and Peaceful: Ducks symbolize power and peacefulness, and BNBDuck embodies these qualities. We're not just a cryptocurrency; we're a force to be reckoned with, and our community is a testament to our strength.
💪 Community: We stand united, supporting each other, and together, we're propelling ourselves towards success. Like ducks in formation, we move forward together, stronger than ever.
🛡️ Rebuilding Trust: We've had enough of fraudulent projects that have shattered trust in the market. Suspicion and panic have plagued the crypto world for too long. BNBDuck is here to rebuild that trust. We've launched with transparency, fairness, and a commitment to security.

Join us on this incredible journey, as we quack our way to success, one block at a time!

🚀🌕 #BNBDuck #CryptoCommunity #ToTheMoon 🦆💎

Our Roadmap

BNBDuck Map :
We set goals and conquer them

Q4 2023


1,000 HoldersWebsite Launch500 Telegram MembersMarketing Campaign1,500 HoldersCoinMarketCap Listing

Q1 2024


2,000 Telegram MembersCrypto.comDexTools Verified2,000 Holders2,000 Telegram Members18,000 Holders

Q2 2024


Website Design UpdateBNBDuck Swap(Decentralize Exchange)Initial CEX Listing(BKEX,BitMart, MEXC)10,000 Telegram Members30,000 Holders

Q3 2024 and Beyond


BNBDuck Burrow (NFT Marketplace)BNBDuck Trail of Wonders (Wallet and Passive Income Tracker)BNBDuck in WONDERLAND (Merchandise Store)3 More CEX Listings50,000 Telegram Members90,000 HoldersInfluencer marketing partnership

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